Visitors ask...Traditional Abbey for Retreat or Visits in the U.S. Using the Extraordinary Form

I realized from the requests for "traditional retreats" that some are seeking a religious or monastic experience in order to discern a vocation or to "get away" from it all.

Our Lady of the Annunciation Monastery is a Benedictine Abbey located in Clear Creek, OK. The Abbey is a foundation of the Benedictine Abbey of Fontgombault, France, the Congregation of Solesmes. Here is the Horarium, and the Liturgical Schedule. Visitors are welcome to Clear Creek provided they make arrangements in advance as described here. This detailed "sitemap" provides a good deal of information; CDs are for sale and are exquisite. The calendar of events is posted, although I have subscribed to their newsletter which is mailed periodically.

Clear Creek offers one a chance to see the unique Benedictine monastic experience without leaving the United States. The Monks are building a Monastery designed to last centuries. It is one place that many might want to visit. The URL is linked to the Favorite websites in the Right Menu under Clear Creek Monastery.