Visitors ask...Way of the Cross ("Via Crucis" or Stations of the Cross) in Latin

I have received a number of requests for a location that has the Way of the Cross in Latin. I can recommend this link by Fr. Zuhlsdorf who has the Stations via Prayercazt in two versions here. Another wonderful gift is from the blog, "Rome of the West," which has videos (parts I through IV) of the Stations. These are largely in English but the remainder is in Latin which is how I remember them being done. Both versions feature the Stabat Mater (see below; the Fisheaters entry).

The Fisheaters site has this entry.
Finally, for those desiring ONLY Latin, I would recommend the marvelous Thesaurus Precum Latinarum site. Here, two Latin versions are given: that of St. Alphonsus and a second found here. Other Lenten practices can be found here.