Visitors ask: Christmas Proclamation in Latin on Video

At this time of year, I receive many searches for the Christmas Proclamation in Latin or what is called the "Kalenda." I have posted on this subject before:

Note that the information you really need to know is here, that the wording has changed over the years, that Novus Ordo parishes may choose to sing the USCCB version (usually a Deacon), that the USCCB translation is found linked to the New Liturgical Movement site, and that the Vatican has sung the Latin Novus Ordo version at Midnight Mass using the modern translation (see 2009).

For those who want a TLM version in Latin chant, I updated this old post yesterday:

This contains the words chanted in Latin and is entitled by its official name, "Martyrologium in Vigilia Natitivatis Domini". Note too that the English translation is placed below it for you to follow and there is a link to the music in PDF format which matches this version.

Other versions are available but these are on CDs or DVDs and not accessible for video format. If I find a better version, I'll post it. Note also that Fr. Zuhlsdorf's blog, and the New Liturgical Movement are THE places to find information on this subject. Both blogs are linked in my Must Follow Blog list.